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Aljadia - a review & record of Arab culture and arts (online journal)

Anil Danza Oriental - Discover Anil, the online magazine created to promote the best face of Belly Dance.

Belly Dance Japan - Japanís very first comprehensive introduction and guide to belly dancing.

Bellydance Oasis Magazine - is a quarterly magazine from Australia which specializes in all things related to Middle Eastern Dance. We cover everything from the many dance styles within MED, to costuming, music, interviews with prominent dancers and cultural issues.

The Best of Habibi: A Journal for Lovers of Middle Eastern Dance & Arts

The Chronicles ... A Dancer's Oasis - is an exciting new publication promoting not just the ancient art of Middle Eastern Dance, but celebrating its defining history, the exciting changes of the present and the creative dreams of the future.

Chynna Girl: An International Bellydance Magazine (Kindle edition)
We offer bellydancers on a global reach, the opportunity to submit images, and biographies for inclusion into our publication. To reach us, contact the publisher at publisher@chynnagirl.com


Gilded Serpent  - Internet magazine for Middle Eastern music and dance.


Tanz Oriental - journal is in German from Germany


Yallah Magazine - has been created to promote and showcase the stylistic fusion and growth of Middle Eastern Dance extensively throughout the Florida dance community, as well as nationwide. We will present to you, all that has allowed us to embrace this art form. We are focused on bringing you thought-provoking editorial and exclusive interviews. Published quarterly.

Zaghareet! - Back Issues Only
Is an American publication with a Middle Eastern focus. It is not only a belly dancer publication, but one about businesses, events, musicians, food, lifestyles, troupes, books, videos and more. Most of all we would like this to be about people. Many magazines center on stars of belly dance, but we believe that without the support and determination of people like you and me, there could never be any stars. We welcome your articles, letters, questions, and comments about all subjects related to dance and Middle Eastern culture.
(taken from the verso of Zaghareet!)



Costumer's Notes - This monthly eNewsletter features articles, links, reading lists, product reviews and more.  Edited by Dawn "Davina" Devine Brown, publisher of "From Turban to Toe Ring" and "Costuming from the Hip".



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