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Whoa this is a trip down memory lane :-)  Here are photos from my early days of dance to present.  I will be adding many more photos from throughout the years when I have time.  Enjoy...

Click on the photos below to see the large picture.

Early Years


yasbeg.jpg (92844 bytes)  yassonoranrose.jpg (119344 bytes)  
1st photo                       Sonoran Rose


yas.jpg (58066 bytes)   yaspink.jpg (12362 bytes)  yas1991.jpg (158579 bytes) 

yasandros.jpg (123522 bytes)  yasnight1.jpg (53589 bytes)  yastbaladi.jpg (138019 bytes)
Andros Restaurant         Night in the Desert

yastroupebaladi.jpg (156015 bytes)  yasjohn.jpg (111698 bytes)  yasamber.jpg (200537 bytes)
Troupe Baladi                John & Me                    Amber & Me

2000 on 

yas503.jpg (27193 bytes)  yascanclose.jpg (146236 bytes)  yasandgina.jpg (521504 bytes)  
                                                        Gina and Me

yasmina0503.jpg (17445 bytes)  yasminaclose2.jpg (31564 bytes)  

Dancing with my Snakes

yashadiyyah.jpg (132786 bytes)  yashadya2.jpg (25611 bytes)    yassirocco.jpg (137333 bytes)  
Hadiyyah                       Hadiyyah                          Hadiyyah

yassnake2.jpg (23588 bytes)  yasbellysnakes.jpg (25456 bytes)    yassnakednce1.jpg (852976 bytes)   
Hadiyyah                 Fethe & Kaa                     Performance at Sinbad's
yassnakednce2.jpg (820861 bytes)   yassnakednce3.jpg (909546 bytes)  yassnakednce4.jpg (651527 bytes)
with Fethe & Kaa - sometimes we can clear the room :-)

On the Road with our TV Show

yaswhtmtns.jpg (739414 bytes)  yassnow2.jpg (32622 bytes)  yasclarkdale2.jpg (161269 bytes)
White Mountains           Snow -                           Clarkdale
                                      White Mountains

yasclarkdale.jpg (34729 bytes)  arcsonti.jpg (47172 bytes)
Clarkdale                       Arcsonti

Photo Shoot with Penny in my backyard

yashipnotic.jpg (79505 bytes)  yasminahh.jpg (106264 bytes)

Fan Veil Photo Shoot with Gina (Ginici)

yasminaphotoshootfan2707.jpg (125082 bytes)  yasminaphotoshootfan4707.jpg (23475 bytes)  yasminaphotoshootfan9707.jpg (140242 bytes)

yasminafanveilveryclose.jpg (149484 bytes) 

Papago Park Photo Shoot with Gina (Ginici)

yaspapago2007crawl.jpg (269323 bytes)  yaspapagolayback2007.jpg (473330 bytes)  yaspapapago2007veil.jpg (107663 bytes)
Mesa Arts Center Photo Shoot with David Reynolds

MAC photo shoot fanveil2.jpg (982510 bytes)  MAC photo shoot fanveil3.jpg (303136 bytes)  MAC photo shoot sword3.jpg (938259 bytes)

MAC photo shoot veil2.jpg (566053 bytes)  MAC photo shoot water1.jpg (351273 bytes)  MAC photo shoot water2.jpg (1022060 bytes)

MAC photo shoot2.jpg (779766 bytes)   MAC photo shoot3.jpg (781099 bytes)  MAC photo shoot6.jpg (620311 bytes)

MAC photo shoot4.jpg (379549 bytes)  MAC photo shoot stella2.jpg (799180 bytes)  MAC photo shoot veil1.jpg (838841 bytes)

Mesa Arts Center Photo Shoot with Lunna

Veil.JPG (359730 bytes)  layout sitting.JPG (846647 bytes)  layout close.JPG (401489 bytes)

News Articles     

yasnewsart.jpg (731883 bytes)  yassedonanewsrelease.jpg (306796 bytes)
Ren Faire Audition        Workshop in Sedona




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