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Hi Students, 
I created this page for you, a place for you to find class information, photos from dance performances, class choreographies and video of our dance routines.

If you ever have any questions please send me an email or give me a call, 480/962-6303.





Current Class Choreographies
Previous Class Choreographies
Misc. Info, Events, etc. 
Student Performances
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Yasmina's Belly News - blog for my Mesa Arts Center belly dance classes


What do I wear for class? - wear something comfortable that you can move in.  Yoga pants, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, etc.  Bare feet, socks, dance shoes are great, please no tennis shoes.

Where are classes held? - All classes are held at the Mesa Arts Center located on the south east corner of Center and Main Street in down town Mesa.  The address is 1 East Main Street, Mesa, AZ 85201.

Classes are held on the second floor in either the Acting Studio or in the Dance Studio in the South Studios Building.

The South Studios Building is facing Center Street and is in the back of the complex.  If you park in the back parking lot it is the building were the glass blowing classes are held the first building you come to facing Center Street. 

Is Belly Dancing for Everyone? - Yes, yes, yes!!!  Belly dancing is for all ages, body types, sizes, gender, etc.

Belly dancing is a great form of exercise based on natural body movement and works the entire body.

Every one learns at a different pace and you may not pick up some moves as fast as others.  The main thing is to have fun!!!  Don't give up you will get it.

What is the difference between belly dancing and tribal? - The two styles are very different yet based on the same moves.

Belly dancing has a variety of styles such as American cabaret, Egyptian or Raks Sharqi, folkloric, ethnic to name a few.  

American cabaret style is a glitzier more flamboyant form of belly dancing and we have taken the Egyptian style of the dance and made it our own.  We incorporate the use of a veil and other props in our dance routine.  American cabaret dancers do not dance any pure form of the dance, but add other influences such as jazz, ballet, modern, etc. to the dance.

For more information on the other styles of belly dance check out the Belly Dance Style page.

Tribal also has a variety of styles, American Tribal Style (ATS), tribal fusion, goth, tribaret, etc.

American Tribal Style® or ATS® was created in the US by FatChanceBellyDance® (FCBD®) in San Francisco in the 1980's.  Carolena Nericcio the founder of FCBD® created this improvisational style of dance where there is a leader and follower(s).  Each move has a cue which the leader will execute letting the follower(s) know what the next move or combination will be.  The leader changes throughout the dance which gives everyone a chance to shine.  

Tribal dance styles fuse other forms of dance styles into the dance such as Flamenco, East Indian, African to name a few.  Not only in the moves but also in the costuming.

Check out these sites for more information on Tribal belly dancing, FCBD® and tribal style definitions

Current Class Choreographies
Note: all choreographies are Word Documents

Mesa Arts Center

Fall Session 

Tuesday -  October 24th - December 12th

beg basic belly dance (5:30) -  Ya Habibi Ya Eni / (video)

beg belly dance 2 (6:30) - Veil / (video)
int belly dance (7:30) - Pop Dance (Michelle Joyce) / (video)

Wednesday - October 25th - December 13th

beg tribal style 2 (6:30) - Skirt / (video)
int tribal style (7:30) - Fusion / (video)

Previous Class Choreographies
Note: all choreographies are Word Documents

Cabaret Classes
5 min. Oriental Dance - intermediate (video)
Alf Leyla, Wa Leyla
- beginning (video)
American Fusion
- beginning (video)
American Style (song Assia) - beginning (video)
American Style with Veil - beginning (video)
Basket & Skirt - beginning (video)
Bellyrobics - beginning (video)
Cane 1 - beginning (video)
Cane 2 - intermediate (video)
Dance of Life - beginning (video)
Double Fan - intermediate (video
Double Fan Veil - intermediate (video)
Double Fan Veil 2 / (video)
Drum Solo (Amaya) - beginning (video)
Drum solo (Jenna) - beginning (video)
Drum Solo 2 (Jenna) - beginning (video)
Drum Solo (Jenna) - intermediate (video)
Drum Solo (Joynan) - beginning (video)
Drum solo (Hipalicious) - intermediate (video
Drum Solo (Michelle Joyce) - intermediate (video)
Drum Solo (Jillina) - beginning 2 (video)
Egyptian - intermediate (video)
Egyptian Pop - intermediate (video)
Fan Dance - beginning (video
Fan Veil - intermediate (video)
Fan Veil 3 - intermediate (video) private group on Facebook, 7/13/16
Fan Veil (Misorlu) - intermediate (video)
Ghawazee - beginning (video)
Hand Candles - beginning 2 (video) private group on Facebook
Isis Wings - intermediate (video)
Jenna Routine - intermediate (video) (performance video)
Karshlima - (intermediate) (video)
Misourluo - beginning (video)
Ojos Asi - beginning (video
Persian Veil - beginning (video)
Pop Dance (Michelle Joyce) - intermediate (video
Reda - beginning (video)
Short Beginning Dance - beginning - (video)
Sword - intermediate (video)
Sword 2 - intermediate (video)
Sword 3 - intermediate (video, performance)
Tray - intermediate (video)
Warda - intermediate (video
Warda Skirt - intermediate (video)
Ya Habibi Ya Eni - beginning (video)
Ya Hawa (Lebanese Pop) - intermediate (video)
Veil - beginning (video)
Veil 2 - beginning (video)
Veil 3 -beginning (video)
Veil 4 - beginning 2 (video) private group on Facebook, 9/26/16
Vintage Style - intermediate (video)
Voi - intermediate (video)
Zill - beginning (video
Zills - intermediate (video)

Tribal Classes
1920's Tribal Fusion - beginning tribal (video)
Ali - intermediate (video)
All About That Bass
- beginning tribal / (video)
Arabian Spices
- beginning tribal (video)
Asian Tribal Fusion (Thai nails) - intermediate - (video)
Awakenings - beginning (video)
Basket - beginning (video)
Black Velvet 
- intermediate tribal 
Black Velvet, Tribaret - intermediate (video
Bollywood - beginning (video)
Bollywood - intermediate (video
Bollywood Fusion - beginning tribal (video)
Cane - intermediate tribal (video)
Disko Partizani
- beginning tribal (video)
Do You Love Me - intermediate tribal (video)
Fan & Skirt Dance, Bounce - beginning tribal (video)
Fan & Skirt Dance 2 - beginning tribal (video) private group on Facebook, 7/20/16
Forkloric Fusion (Hahbi Ru') - beginning (video)
Fusion Skirt - intermediate tribal (video)
Goody Two Shoes - beginning (video)
Hand Candles - beginning / (video)
Hand Candles 2 - intermediate (video) (video performance)
Hand Candles 3 - intermediate (video)
Hand Candles 4 - beginning 2 (video) private group on Facebook, 7/8/15
Hips Don't Lie - beginning tribal (video) (video performance)
Iest Sexy - beginning tribal (video)
Indian Fusion Dance 1 - beginning tribal (video)
Indian Fusion Dance 2 - beginning tribal (video
Indian Fusion Dance 3 - beginning tribal (video)
Indian Fusion Dance 5 - beginning tribal (video)
Indian Fusion Dance 6 - beginning 2 (video) private group on Facebook, 12/1/15
Indian Fusion Dance 7 - beginning 2 (video) private group on Facebook
Moroccan 6/8 Dance - intermediate (video) private group on Facebook
Move It - beginning tribal (video)
Pentaphobe - beginning tribal (video performance)
Shawl Dance - beginning tribal (video)
Shawl (Spanish Fusion) - intermediate (video) private group on Facebook, 11/23/15
Single Fan & Skirt - beginning tribal (video)
Single Fan Veil (Solace) - beginning tribal (performance video)
Single Voi - intermediate tribal (video)
Single Voi 2 - intermediate tribal / (video
Skirt (Alabina)- beginning (video)
Skirt (Gypsy Style) beginning tribal - (video)
Skirt (Jump in the Line) - beg 2 tribal - (video) private Group YouTube
Skirt - intermediate (video)
Skirt (Major Lingo) - intermediate (performance video)
Smooth - intermediate (video)
Snake Charmer - beginning (video)
Snake Charmer - intermediate tribal 
Spanish Gypsy Skirt - beginning 2 - (video) private Group on Facebook, 5/8/16
Staar Kids Tribal Fusion - intermediate - (video)
Sword - intermediate - (video)
Sword (Desert Wind) - intermediate (performance) scroll down page
Sword (It's a Man's World) - intermediate - (video)  
Sword/Veil - intermediate - (video)
Thai Nails - intermediate (video) scroll down page
Thai Nails 3 - beginning tribal / (video)
Thai Nails 4 - intermediate tribal / (video, performance)
Thai Nails 5 - beginning tribal (video)
Thai Nails 6 - beginning 2 tribal (video) private Group on Facebook, 11/27/16
Thriller - beginning tribal (video part 1) - (performance)
Tray - intermediate - (video)
Tray of Candles 2  - intermediate (video) 
Tribal Cane, Candy Man - intermediate tribal (video)
Tribal Disco Fusion (Shake Your Booty) - beginning (video)
Tribal Drum Solo - intermediate tribal (video
Tribal Drum Solo 2 - intermediate tribal (video)
Tribal Drum Solo (Rachel Brice) - intermediate (video)
Tribal Fusion 1940's Style - beginning (video)
Tribal Fusion Ali - intermediate (video
Tribal Fusion (All About That Bass) - beginning (video)
Tribal Fusion Dance (Dance Bailalo)- beginning 2 (video) private group on Facebook, 2/26/16
Tribal Fusion (Heathens) - beginning 2 - (video)
Tribal Fusion (Iest Sexy) - beg/int. (video)
Tribal Rock Fusion - beginning tribal (video)
Tribal Skirt Major Lingo - intermediate tribal (video)
Tribal Skirt (Opa Cupa) - intermediate tribal - (video) private group on Facebook, 3/2/17 
Tribal Style - beginning tribal (video)
Tribal Veil - beginning (video)
T'yem - beginning (video)
U Can't Touch This - beginning (video)
Veil - beginning tribal 2 (video) private group on Facebook, 11/6/15
Voi  - intermediate (video
Wish - beginning tribal (video)
Yo - intermediate tribal (video)
Zana - beginning tribal
Zill Dance 1 - intermediate tribal
Zill Dance 2 - intermediate tribal
Zill Dance 3 - intermediate tribal (video)
Zill Dance 4 - intermediate (video)
Zill Dance 5 (w/music) - intermediate (video)
Zill Dance 6 w/music - intermediate (video) private Group on Facebook, 5/8/16

Tribal Combos:
combo 1 video  
combo 2 video
combo 3 video
combo 4 video

Misc. Info, Events, etc.

Belly News - Mesa Art Center Belly Dance class blog

Performance Opportunities

Mesa Arts Center Class Recital - Dec. 13, 2017 - 7:00 pm, Acting Studio (1 E. Main Street)

Photo from July 26, 2008 performance at the Mesa Art Center Playhouse Theater

Photo from October 25, 2008 performance at the State Fair

Photo from Chandler Parade of Lights, Dec. 6, 2008

Photo from class recital Dec. 16, 2008

Photo from County Fair April 18, 2009

Photo from  Chandler Parade of Lights, Dec. 5, 2009

Photo from Class Recital March 2010

Group photo from the County Fair 4/18/2010

Group photo from Class Recital 5/19/10

Group photo from Memo's Cafe Fully Fusion 7/10/10

Group photo from class recital July 13, 2010

Group photo from class recital October 13, 2010

Group photo from AZ State Fair October 30, 2010

Group photo from City of Mesa Talent Show November 13, 2010

Group photo from Chandler Light Parade December 4, 2010

Group photo from class recital December 14, 2010

Group photo from class recital March 2, 2011

Group photo from the County Fair April 17, 2011

Group photo from Teacher Feature May 7, 2011

Group photo from class recital May 10, 2011

Group photo from class recital Oct. 11, 2011

Group photo from class recital May 9, 2012

Group photo from class recital July 24, 2012

For more photos of performances and short videos check out my student blog, Facebook and YouTube.

Student Performances
Beg. Tues. night summer show performance at the MAC, 7/26/08 

Beg. Wed. night summer show performance at the MAC, 7/26/08

Beg. tribal summer show performance at the MAC, 7/26/08

Inter. tribal summer show performance at the MAC, 7/26/08

March 2010 recital clip, 3/9/10

May 2010 recital clip, 5/19/10

May 2011 recital photos and short video clip, 5/10/11

October 2011 recital photos and short video clip, 10/11/11

Teacher Feature Night photos and short video clip, 5/7/11

May 2012 recital photos, 5/9/12

July 2012 recital clip, 7/24/12

Oct. 2012 recital clip, 10/17/12

Dec. 2012 recital clip, 12/11/12

Feb. 2013 recital clip, 2/26/13

May 2014 recital clip, 5/7/14


Sword photo by David Reynolds

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Reigning Down 
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February 22-25, 2018

West Salem 4H Center
5390 4H Road, NW, Salem

Performance Intensive
by Sabine

Immersion Teachers
Sharon Kihara / Claudia Shimmies / Cassandra Rose / Michelle Sorensen

Workshops with
Gene Stewart / Mezdulene / Katy Housemann / Luna / Jewels / Dahlia / Sam Riggs / Jillian of The Verdant Muse


Belly Dancing with 

Cabaret Classes
Tuesday Nights 
Beg. Basic 5:30 - 6:30
Beg. 2 6:30 - 7:30
Intermediate 7:30 - 8:30

Tribal Classes
Wednesday Nights
Beg. Basic 5:30 - 6:30
Beg. 2 6:30 - 7:30
Intermediate 7:30 - 8:30

Winter Session Starts
1/16/18 - 2/28/18

Spring Session Starts
3/20/18 - 5/2/18

Classes in:
American Cabaret 
and Tribal 

Mesa Arts Center
1 East Main St.
Mesa, AZ 85201

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