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Tribal Belly Dance

Tribal Belly Dance

This page is dedicated to the many styles of Tribal Belly Dancing.  From it's creation in San Francisco to its spread world wide touching on all the new styles born from American Tribal Style® (ATS®) or Classic Tribal.

I have compiled articles, books, costuming, videos and websites on tribal belly dance and as this style of dance is ever evolving so will this page.




Articles - below are various articles on tribal belly dancing.  From the definition of tribal belly dance to the history of this art form and some pieces in between. 

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ATS® Costuming: the great equalizer - by Sharon Moore

ATS® vs. Tribal Bellydance: what's the difference? - from Tribal Bellydance.org

Belly Dance ‘N All that Jazz: trends in Tribal Fusion - by Jasmine June and Kimberly Mackoy

A Brief History of ATS® - by Julia DiVerdi

The Elusive Definition of Tribal Bellydance - by Sharon Moore

History and Background Information on Tribal Fusion Style Belly Dance - scroll down the page to see the article

Improvisation is Boring! - a thread by Palika of Heavy Hips

An Intro to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - by Jasmine June

Is ATS®/Tribal a Historical/Authentic Dance? - by Sharon Moore

A Moment with Amy Sigil - by Lynette Harris

The New Face of "Tribaret" - by Asharah

Revisiting “The Trouble with Tribal (Fusion)” - from Bellydance Paladin

Tribal Belly Dance - from Magical Motion

Tribal Bellydancer - by Atea

Tribal Fusion: an evolving dance form - by Jasmine June

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - Respect? - by Marisa Wright

Tribal is Easy - by Sharon from Tribalbellydance.org

The Trouble with Tribal (Fusion) - by Asharah

The Vintage Fusion trend – Is it “Tribal” style? - from Bellydance Paladin

What is Tribal Belly Dance? - from MED website

What is Tribal Style Bellydance - a video by Manca

Books - there are a lot of books on belly dancing please check my belly dance booklist page for these titles.  There are not many books currently on tribal belly dance.  When I find new titles I will list them here. 

The Tribal Bible - by Kajira Djoumahna.   
The definitive resource for the dance style known as American Tribal Style Bellydance. History, development, interviews, costuming descriptions and construction tips, jewelry, history of textiles and ethnic jewelry used for this dance form, movement breakdowns including fast and slow steps, use of props, staging and performance techniques, music, finger cymbal and kashiklar instruction, how the dance relates to the Romany culture, dance as ritual, quotes from practitioners from around the world, resource directory, more. Over 300 photos, about one third in color. Full color collage cover, foreword by Elizabeth Artemis Mourat.
Paperback: 306 pages
BlackSheep BellyDance (March 20, 2003 
ISBN-10: 0972848606 
ISBN-13: 978-0972848602

Tribal Vision -by Paulette Rees-Denise
Tribal Vision is an inspired, insightful, and important account of the origins of Tribal Belly Dance and the author's personal journey through this brilliant and artistic community. Part of this dance movement from the beginning, Paulette Rees-Denis shares her vision of its past, present, and future. This is a deeply satisfying book for experienced dancers as well as new ones-- and for all readers who simply want to know more about a dance form that revolutionized the meaning of belly dance. -- Pamela Smith Hill, author and dancer
Paperback: 152 pages 
Publisher: Cultivator Press; First edition (June 10, 2008) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0979160308 
ISBN-13: 978-0979160301


Costuming - below are articles, books and patterns of tribal costuming.

From Turban to Toe Ring - by Dawn Brown
From Turban to Toe Ring is a guide for designing and making tribal-fusion belly dance wear. This style, which originated in the San Francisco dance community and has spread world-wide, is fast becoming one of the most popular costuming options. Tribal-fusion costuming is an assemblage of design elements pulled from many different tribal, rural, and nomadic peoples from North Africa, across the Near and Middle East, and as far away as India. Surface design techniques, articles of clothing, and jewelry components are fused together to create a look that blends all of these items into an exciting and uniquely individual image for each dancer.
Spiral-bound: 102 pages 
Publisher: Ibexa Press (March 24, 2000) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0967817013 
ISBN-13: 978-0967817019 

The Art of Making Tassels - by Michelle

Cowrie Shell Hair Fall Tutorial - by LJ

How to Alter a Rajasthani Choli - by Sharon Moore

How to Make a Tribal Skirt - by Michelle

Indian Shisha (Mirror) Embroidery - from Joyful Abode

Tribal and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Costumes - by Marisa Wright

Tribal Belly Dance Hair and Make-up

Tribal Looking Hair Tassels - by LJ


Videos - this section is in two parts, video clips from YouTube the other are DVDs both instructional and performance.

YouTube Clips -  YouTube is a fabulous place to find clips of Tribal artists from ATS to tribal fusion.  Enjoy the clips below these are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tribal belly dance clips.

ATS® - various artists using search term ATS®

Blacksheep Belly Dance - various clips

FCBD® - various clips

Rachel Brice - various clips

The Roots of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - video collection from Rachel Brice

Tribal Fest- various artists performing at Tribal Fest Annual festival in CA

Tribal Fusion - various artists using search term tribal fusion

Unmata - various clips

Urban Tribal - various clips

What is Tribal Style Bellydance - by Manca
Interviews with well-known artists and who considers themselves "tribal"

Zoe Jakes - various clips


Websites - contained here are informative websites on tribal belly dancing.  For tribal soloists and troupes please visit the "links" page.

Google - Image Results - photos of tribal dancers, costumes, art work and more

Pedraltra Magazine - UK website with articles and more

Tribal Bellydance.org - a resource for tribalists from ATS® to zills



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