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Puzzler !?!     

Belly Dance Quiz  
A Little Bit of Belly Dance History
Jigsaw Puzzles

Musical Challenge -- can you answer the questions??

  1)  What was Ahab the Arab's camel name?
  2)  In the song, "Walk like an Egyptian", by the Bangles, who ate at donut shops?
  3)  The Coasters' hit, "Little Egypt", what was tattooed on her spine?
  4)  What was King Tut buried in, from the song by Steve Martin?
  5)  What is the title of the song about a belly dancer by the Hollies done in the '60's?
  6)  Misorlou was the theme song from what hit movie starring John Travolta?
  7)  What was put to bed, in Maria Muldaur song, "Midnight at the Oasis"?
  8)  "Would you like my mask? Would you like my mirror? Cries the man in the shadowing hood", is from what Loreena McKennitt song?
  9)  Who sings, "Gypsy Woman", the '70's version and the '60's version?
10)  Song title by, They Might be Giants?


Belly Dance Quiz

1.  What is a textile art from Egypt in which tiny bits of metal are attached into mesh fabric to create a design?

2.  In Arabic, this literally means "suit".  It refers to the cabaret-style beaded bra/belt/skirt/body stocking costume that a belly dancer wears for a performance.

3.  What is a traditional instrument used in Turkish and Arabic folk music that resembles a flute both in appearance and sound?

4.  What is the Arabic name for finger cymbals?

5.  Bare-midriff, fitted blouse worn under saris by women in India.

6.  A folk dance native to Lebanon.

7.  An ancient blessing ritual practiced by one of theTuareg Berber tribes.

8.  This word means "my darling" or "beloved" in Arabic.

9.  In traditional Arabic music, this refers to the question-and-answer that goes back and forth between a melody instrument and a drummer.

10.  Arabic word for "the act of dancing".  It usually appears combined with another word that defines what type of dance.


A Little Bit of Belly Dance History

1.  In 1893 which dancer claims to have danced at the Chicago Worlds Fair?  

2.  In 1910 Mary Garden does what dance in the opera Salome in Chicago?

3.  What Lebanese singer, dancer, and actress is credited with the adoption of a new costume, which in Arabic is called bedlah?  

4.  In 1927 Badia Masabni opens Casino Opera in Cairo featuring which two well know belly dancers in the show?

5.  In which year does the Egyptian government requires dancers to cover themselves from shoulders to ankles?

6.  During the Golden Age of Egyptian Oriental Dance which dancer was known as the “Isadora Duncan of the East”?

7.  In 1970 a women’s liberation group pickets a performance by what well know US instructor’s students in Berkeley, CA on the grounds that belly dancing treats women as sex objects?

8.  In 1978 the TV show 20/20 estimated that were how many belly dancers in the United States?

9.  In 1987 what American born dance style was created in San Francisco and by whom?

10.  In 2003 belly dancers performed with what traveling musical tour which Miles Copeland created Bellydance Superstars?




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answers music challenge
1)  Clyde,  2)  Cops,  3)  Cowboy, Phoenix AZ, 1949,  4)   Jammys,  5)  Stop, Stop, Stop,  6)  Pulp Fiction,  7)   Camel, 
8)  Marrakesh Night Market,  9)  Brain Highyland (70's) - The Impressions (60's),  10)  Istanbul

answers belly dance quiz
1.  Assuit (uh SOOT),   2.  Bedleh (BED luh),   3.  Ney (nay),   4.  Sagat (Suh GOT),
5.  Choli (CHOH lee),   6.  Debke (DEB kee),   7.  Guedra (GEE druh),  
8.  Habibi (hah BEE bee),   9.  Me-Ahaa (may AHT tah), 10.  Raks or Raqs (rocks)

answers a little bit of belly dance history
1. Little Egypt   2. Dance of the Seven Veils  3. Badia Masabni  4. Tahia Carioca and Samia Gamal 5. 1955  6. Naima Akef 
7. Jamila Salimpour  8. 1 million  9. American Tribal Style, Carolena Nericcio  10. Lollapalooza