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Contained on this page are links to websites that have video clips of belly dancing.  Due to technological limitations of video broadcast over the internet, the quality of movement on some of these videos can be jerky and the images are small and therefore tend to be dark.  You may also need to download video player software to view these clips.  The websites featuring these clips have the instructions you will need to view the clips.  I am always adding more items to my page, so please check back for more video clips.

Amara - clips from Amara's website 

Amira - various performance and DVD clips of Amira

Anna Pipoyan - clips of Anna

Anaya Tribal - various clips from YouTube

Arabesque / Yasmina Ramzy Documentary Part 1 and Part 2

Arizona Belly Dancers - variety of dancers from Arizona from You Tube (note some misc. clips appear due to search word AZ)

Bal Anat Documentary 1970/1972

Basharina Alina - 1st place winner, children belly dance competition

Belly Dance Competition Winners - various competitions

Belly dance flash mob in Brussels

Bellydance Odyssey Productions - clips of various dancers

Belly Dance Superstars - various clips

Bhangra - various clips from You Tube

Bollywood - various clips from You Tube

Carrie Konyha - various clips from YouTube

Delilah - clips from Visionary Dance Productions page of Delilah and friends

Desert Orchid Dance Co. - clips from YouTube

Egyptian Belly Dance - various clips from YouTube

Egyptian Puppet Belly Dance - amazing puppetry!

Fan Veils - various clips of dancers performing with fan veils

FCBD - clips of FatChanceBellyDance

Go Tuck Yourself - various skirt tucks for tribal dancers

Hahbi Ru' - various clips from YouTube

Helena Vlahos rolling coins on That's Incredible TV show in 1981 - an oldie but a goodie

Isidora Bushkovski - various clips from YouTube

Jamila Salimpour Bellydancing History Legends Belly Dance

Jillina - demo video clips of Jillina and the Sahlala Dancers

Karen Barbee Adkisson - Art & History of Belly Dance

Kendra Searl - tribal fusion piece

Laura - comedy piece from Tribal Fusion Faire

Magic Hands - it's not belly dancing but its a cool video

Male Belly Dancers - various clips from YouTube

Naima Akef - one of  the greats from the Golden Age of Egyptian Oriental Dance, various clips from YouTube

Nesrin Topkapi - various clips from YouTube

Oscar Flores - various clips from YouTube

Poi Voi - various artists performing poi voi

Project Belly Dance

Rachel Brice - clips of Rachel     

The Roots of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance - video collection by Rachel Brice

Saada Tribal Group - sword dance

Sabah - belly ballet

Sadie - various clips from YouTube

Sahira - "Ali" choreography

Samia Gamal - one of  the greats from the Golden Age of Egyptian Oriental Dance, various clips from YouTube

Samira Shuruk - clips of Samira Shuruk

Seido - drum solo by Seido from You Tube

Sergio Montana - 10 year old dancer

Sharon Kihara - clips of Sharon Kihara

Sherri Wheatly - clip from YouTube

Soheir Zaki - one of the greats from Egypt in the 60's & 70's, various clips from YouTube

Soraya - clips of Soraya

Suspira - clips of Suspira from You Tube

Tahiya Karioka - one of  the greats from the Golden Age of Egyptian Oriental Dance, various clips from YouTube

Tarik - balancing a water pipe, great dance

Tamalyn Dallal - clips of Tamalyn Dallal

Tribal Bellydance - various clips of tribal belly dancing from You Tube

Tribal Fest 7 - various clips from YouTube

Tribal Fest 8 - various clips from YouTube

Tribal Fest 9 - various clips from YouTube

Tribal Fest 10 - various clips from YouTube

Tribal Fest 11 - various clips from YouTube

Tribal Fest 12 - various clips from YouTube

Tribal Fest 13 - various clips from YouTube

Tribal Fest 14 - various clips from YouTube

Turkish Belly Dance - various clips of Turkish belly dancers

Unmata - various clips of group

Vestacha Mora - clips of Vestacha Mora

Vintage TV/Movie Belly Dance!! - clips of dancers from TV shows & movies

Yasmina - various clips of Yasmina and her students

What is Tribal Style Belly Dance

What is Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Zoe Jakes - clips of Zoe Jakes 



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Music from the Movies Belly Dance Style
Saturday, October 5, 2019
Moonlight Sirens Tribal presents an evening of belly dancing to music from some of your beloved movies by some of your favorite troupes and soloist from around the State.

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